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Introducing Ryan and the rest of the team at Sound Home Buyer.

Sound Home Buyer: Washington State House Buying Company

Sound Home Buyer is a house-buying company known for our fair offers. We prioritize understanding that an offer must be suitable for each individual. Therefore, we strive to present our highest possible offer by conducting thorough research and minimizing renovation costs.

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Sound Home Buyer Buys Houses in Washington, and we are the absolute BEST choice for a hassle-free sale of your home.

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Our values are more important than our offers.

At Sound Home Buyer, we keep our promises, act with integrity, and communicate openly and honestly with you each step of the way.

Our goal is to improve the lives of every seller that contacts us, even if we cannot buy every house.

Sound Home Buyer Testimonial

Watch the video below and listen to what one of our clients says. This video was taken three months after we purchased his house – notice he has no remorse working with us. We want to help you make your best decision on YOUR HOUSE.

Seller Review - Sound Home Buyer - Ron in Lacey, WA - Testimonial - We Buy Houses in Washington

Once I got your information and contacted your company, it was a matter of, after the phone conversations, a couple of chats, and we had one in-person meeting. You know, the trust was built and your company was a company that I felt that I could trust and work with you. And not only that, the things that you said you was going to do as we moved along, you did exactly everything you was going to do, and kept me informed every step of the way. But another big factor in that too, which I’m thankful for. Even with COVID-19, you kept the whole situation safe. Only meeting if we needed to, ensuring that you knew I was safe, and everybody else safe in the whole process. And I appreciate you for that.

Ron S. – Lacey, WA

Sound Home Buyer Credibility

Finding people you can fully trust is hard in this generation full of scams and fake news. But for you to be able to spot real and honest people, you should always strive to be keen, skeptical, curious, and persistent. You can do this by having a checklist in mind of the things you should be able to find in a credible person. Those things should include transparency and integrity.

You will know if the people you work with are being honest and transparent by how they act and talk. It will naturally show in the way they act towards you and their team as a whole. It will also show what they say or how they answer your inquiries. You should be able to recall their words and actions and if these are consistent throughout the process — from the first contact with the homeowner to signing the contract and to closing.

Sound Home Buyer Pledge

At Sound Home Buyer, we commit ourselves to the service of our clients and will endeavor by all means to be fair. To the best of our abilities, we promise never to take advantage of any situation of our clients. We believe each client should be given the proper attention and guidance he deserves. We will do our best to be there for you and to help you reach your goals.

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