Frequently Asked Questions

I’m guessing you’ve got a couple of burning questions you’re eager to get answers to. No worries, most folks do. So, I’ve put together a quick rundown of a few questions that seem to crop up a lot, along with our responses. If your question is still hanging in the air, don’t think twice about getting in touch with us.

Is Sound Home Buyer going to list my house on the MLS or buy my house?

A:  Solid question. We’re not your usual real estate agents, we’re hybrid agents and investors. Our focus is not on listing houses, but if we think listing is best for your situation – we are happy to suggest it. Honesty…weird, right? We are a team of professional property buyers: We buy houses that line up with our buying standards. Then, we might fix the place up and sell it to another homeowner or hold onto it as a rental property ourselves.

Can I expect a fair price for my property from Sound Home Buyer?

A:  We tend to snap up houses that are priced a little below the market value (this is how we can later resell for a profit to another homeowner). What we’re after is a reasonable markdown on a property. But from what we’ve seen, many sellers aren’t holding their breath for a huge “jackpot” from the property. Instead, they appreciate that we’re ready to pay in cash, we’re fast on our feet with closing (no long waits for financing), and there’s zero time, effort, or expense needed on your end to prep the property or shell out for agent fees. If that sounds like your cup of tea and you see the sense in selling your house fast… let’s put our heads together and strike a fair win-win deal. (Just a side note, our no-strings-attached pricing promise means that you’re not locked into accepting the offer we make… but it’s worth knowing what we’ve got on the table!)

How do you figure out the offer price for my house?

A: Fantastic question. We believe in transparency: Our method is simple and upfront. We take into account the property’s location, the scope of repairs needed, and its current condition, and compare it with the prices of similar houses sold in the area recently. As you’re well aware, real estate values have seen a significant dip since interest rates started going up. We consider numerous data points… and formulate a fair price that sits well with both us and you.

Are there any hidden fees or commissions when I deal with you?

A: Here’s the beautiful part of dealing with us as opposed to the traditional way of selling your house: You face ZERO fees or commissions when you sell your house to us. We’ll make you an offer, and if it works for you, we’ll buy your house (more often than not, we cover the closing costs too!). No headaches. No fees. We generate our profit after we’ve taken care of any necessary repairs to the house (if any) and sell it for a profit (once we buy the house from you… the onus is on us and you get to walk away free from the stress of the property and its payments… and often with a pretty penny in your pocket).

How are you different from a regular real estate agent?

A: Real estate agents put properties on the market and cross their fingers that someone will bite. If there are interested parties (with the average selling time in many markets right now being 6-12 months), the agent showcases the properties and earns a percentage of the sale price if they secure a buyer. More often than not, the agent’s cut is 3-6% of your house’s sale price (meaning if it’s a $100,000 house, you’re paying between $3,000 – $6,000 in agent commissions). Agents can be a fantastic resource for those who have the luxury of waiting 6-12 months to sell and who are okay with forfeiting some of their sale price to cover these commissions. But that’s where we set ourselves apart: We’re not just agents, we’re home buyers. We are Hybrids. Our company actually purchases houses. We don’t merely list them. Since we’re actually buying your house with cold hard cash… we can decide to buy your house within just a few days (sometimes even on the same day). And remember, we earn our keep by assuming the risk of buying the house with our own money, fixing it up, and taking on the task of finding a buyer in this tricky market.

Is there an obligation tied to my requesting an offer?

A: Not even the slightest obligation on your part. Once you fill us in on some details about your property, we’ll review things, and arrange a call with you to learn a bit more and propose an all-cash offer that’s fair for both you and us. From there, you hold all the cards. It’s completely up to you whether or not you’d like to sell your house to us… and we won’t pester you, won’t badger you… it’s entirely your decision and we respect your right to decide what’s best for you.

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