Is it difficult to sell a property?

Some people would say no – and some people would emphatically say yes. They might even pound on the table when they say it, or sign mournfully.

Okay, what’s up with all that? Well, in some cases, it’s not that hard to sell a property. If it has a clean title, it’s in good condition, and no one is contesting its ownership, and it’s not underwater and the person or people who own it are agreeing on the details then, in some cases, it’s not hard to sell.

In a wide range of other cases, it’s a real headache.

Let’s look at some of the issues that we help our sellers with as we proceed toward helping them to get money for their assets, and get out of a bad property situation.

Joint Tenancy

Part of the reason we put the word “probate” in our top-level menu is that there are a range of will/probate issues that can apply to inherited property.

Simply speaking, if there is more than one executor, that can be a problem, and if there is joint tenancy, where more than one person is a beneficiary of a will, that can be a problem, too.

You want money for the property, but it’s how to get there that becomes a concern.

We help our clients to deal with these issues and achieve an effective settlement for the property.

Tenant-Landlord Situations

Again, if you have good tenants that are paying rent and not destroying the property, or creating on-site drama, you’re ahead of the game and the building sale might not be that hard.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of back rent owed, property conditions, and aggressive or combative tenants, you have a problem on your hands and that could affect your ability to sell a property.

Short Sales and Foreclosures, Etc.

One of the most common things we deal with is when people don’t have the necessary equity or value to sell the property in the first place.

They may be facing a foreclosure or rushed into a short sale where they’re not getting their entire mortgage value for the property. We know that this is an intensely disappointing situation to be in. We get it. We are in your corner to help you to get out of the situation and get on with the rest of your life.

Talk to Sound Home Buyer about whatever you’re facing in the Lacey, WA area. You’ll see that with the help of a fair and capable third party, this monumental struggle can be easier.