How to Sell Your Olympia House if it Requires Major Repairs

How to Sell Your Olympia House if it Requires Major Repairs

Major repairs are one of the biggest setbacks homeowners face when listing their house on the market. It can quickly make situations stressful, can make you feel defeated. It can result in wondering if the right offer will come along. You can stop stressing about selling your house in Olympia even with major repairs needed. Keep reading to learn more.

List As-Is

Do not forget when listing your house, either through a real estate agent or on your own, there’s no guarantee that the property will sell or when. Additionally, do not expect the listing price and final price to be the same. In fact, listings often get much lower offers, which many homeowners may find insulting. Furthermore, there may be very little to no profit after closing after subtracting commissions, marketing, and other fees and hidden costs associated with working through a real estate agent. However, when direct buyers from Sound Home Buyer make an offer on a property, that is what you will receive. There are no commissions, no hidden fees, or closing costs. You receive an outline of all the numbers so you can make informed decisions.

Touch Up and List

Touch Up and List

Cosmetic makeovers are an inexpensive way to get your house to sell in Olympia as it attracts more buyers. There are some fast and simple updates that can be done within reason that greatly improve curb appeal. First impressions are important when potential buyers view a house, just like first impressions on meeting new people. Great curb appeal can even increase the chance of selling a house that needs major repairs. Waiting to sell costs money, from a mortgage payment, utilities to taxes.

You can ask the agent to provide an average time on the market for homes in need of moderate to severe repairs. Usually, homes in disrepair are considered a bargain property and take longer to sell than move-in ready listings. This is important information for when you begin adding costs into selling the property, paying fees and commissions to the real estate agent, and paying other costs.

Invest in Repairs and List

Invest in Repairs and List

To sell your Olympia house if it requires major repairs, you could complete the repairs and sell the house for full market value. However, your estimates for the costs must be realistic, and it is prudent to attain at least three estimates from professionals for the repairs. If an unforeseen issue comes to light, you should have additional funds above the total estimate available. You also need to know the time to complete all repairs. Carefully calculate the viability of making the repairs against the property’s value after deducting all expenses, including holding costs. An experienced investor like the direct buyers at Sound Home Buyer can help you feel confident about moving forward with the repairs.

Sound Home Buyer

Working with Sound Home Buyer is the easiest way to sell your Olympia house for the most money if it requires major repairs. You don’t need to clean for showings or touch up the property because Sound Home Buyer buys homes as-is. Before making an additional investment repairing a property you no longer want, why not consult with an experienced professional from Sound Home Buyer. The direct buyers at Sound Home Buyer will go over every number used to develop an offer you agree is fair. Even better, Sound Home Buyer can close in a matter of days or delay the closing for a date that works for you! To learn more ways Sound Home Buyer can help you, send us a message or call Sound Home Buyer at (360) 317-2777.

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