Why Sell Your Inherited Home in Olympia

Unfortunately, while close friends or family members may have had the best intentions when they left their house to you, the reality doesn’t always work out favorably for the benefactor. Many who inherit a home have no interest in living on the property. For others, it’s too emotional for them to be in the house, or there may be hidden expenses or problems with the property that make it unaffordable.

If someone left you a home in their will and you’re wondering what your options are, read on as we explore why it pays to sell your inherited home in Olympia quickly. Please note that this article is for informational purposes, not financial or legal advice.

Debts of Deceased

When it comes to owning a home, there are not only the physical aspects to consider but also the legal and financial responsibilities that come along with it. These responsibilities may include dealing with any outstanding liens on the property. For instance, if you have inherited a home in Olympia and are looking to sell it quickly without having to pay high real estate agent fees, local professional buyers like Sound Home Buyer can help. They specialize in purchasing inherited houses in Olympia, allowing you to be free from any financial burdens. Additionally, by selling directly to Sound Home Buyer, you can save even more money, as they do not charge commissions or hidden fees.

Monthly Holding Costs

Owning and living in older homes can come with certain drawbacks that make them more expensive and less energy-efficient compared to newer properties. Outdated appliances and lack of insulated windows are common issues in older homes, while newer homes come with standard features that promote energy efficiency. Even if you own a newer property, if you’re not planning to live in it, you’ll still have to bear the monthly expenses of maintaining the property. If you’re looking for relief from the financial burden of carrying two households, it’s a wise decision to sell your inherited home quickly in Olympia, WA.

At Sound Home Buyer, we understand the urgency of selling your inherited home and offer professional buying services that guarantee a quick closing, usually within just a few days. The best part is that you won’t have to worry about paying any closing costs. We are flexible and willing to work with you to set the closing date that suits you best. Simply discuss your plans with your professional buyer at Sound Home Buyer by calling (360) 317-2777.

Inherited Property Repairs

If you’ve inherited a home in Olympia, you may find yourself dealing with costly repairs and the hassle of the repair process. However, there’s a convenient solution – selling your inherited home quickly to professional buyers like Sound Home Buyer. We buy houses as-is for cash, taking the burden of repairs off your shoulders.

At Sound Home Buyer, we believe in transparency and providing you with all your options. Our professional buyers will take the time to explain what you could earn if you were to list your inherited house on the market, compared to our offer to buy your property directly. We want you to feel confident that our offer is fair and that working with us is the right choice for you.

When you choose to work with Sound Home Buyer, you’re choosing the easiest way to sell your inherited home quickly in Olympia. Our professional buyers and our full-service in-house team of industry specialists are local to Olympia and are dedicated to helping our neighbors solve problems.

With Sound Home Buyer, you won’t have any out-of-pocket expenses or feel pressured to make a quick decision. Talk to one of our professional buyers today to overcome the hurdles you may face with your inherited property. We’re here to help you resolve your issues without any obligation. Call Sound Home Buyer at (360) 317-2777 to get started.

Ryan Garrison

I have been purchasing properties in Western Washington since 2003. My wife is from Olympia originally. We have three beautiful kiddos and a dog \"Lucky\". I enjoy helping my clients solve problems related to unwanted properties. I am also a Licensed Real Estate agent in the state of Washington.

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