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As one of the top private market home buyers in Washington state, we’ve seen a lot when it comes to the real estate market.

If you have a nice primary residence with good resale value and you’re ready to make a move, you may be able to call a real estate agent and go the conventional route. But if you have a house with significant structural defects, failed systems, or even just an unusual type of property, you can get stuck in the real estate system in a way that leaves you paying on property you’re not using.

That can be overwhelmingly expensive. Most people’s finances and budget are made so that they can only pay on a property they’re inhabiting. Otherwise, they’re out all that money every month with no place to live, or they’re paying two mortgages, or trying to collect rent from a tenant in a way that doesn’t work. No matter what the problem looks like, it’s stressful!

Skipping the Hassle

In these types of situations, you want a clean sale without a lot of the headaches and delays that come with the average real estate deal.

First of all, if you can skip the 6% commission typically given to the buying and selling agent, that’s a big win. These commissions really take a chunk out of a real estate sale process, and they come out of the seller’s pocket.

You may also be able to avoid any contingencies or haggling over minor property improvements that can push settlement back months.

Simply put, with a company that fairly values real estate property on the market and pays hard cash upfront, you’re moving quickly toward settlement and being able to divest yourself of the property and move on.

On our website, in video testimonials, you can see people who would have let a property go to foreclosure or taken drastic steps to deal with real estate scenarios where Sound Home Buyer helped them to sort everything out on a much better footing. We specialize in helping property owners in the Washington state area. These types of problems are things we love to help with! There’s no reason you should be stuck with a “dog” property and struggling to make ends meet. We’ll offer you a fair price, a full price, for your property, for a clean sale and a new start. Take advantage of the tools and resources on the site to learn more about how this works and why our sellers have chosen us in Washington.

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