From A To Z

You often hear people say they want to use something that will take them “from Point A to Point B.” That’s a short trip. Selling a real estate property is more like going from A to Z, (Americans say “zee”, Canadians say “zed”) with many steps and processes and potential obstacles along the way.

Imagine yourself in the seller’s situation – you have a home or property that you’re not living in, and it needs to sell. But how do you accomplish that? Maybe you feel like you are in one of those classic stories where you inherited some gloomy manor house in a place you’ve never been to before. What do you do with it? It’s not as if you can just take it down to the pawn shop, or give it away to someone and walk away. There’s the title and the deed, and everything else…

The Sale Process

Another key thing to remember here is that the sale process is different for every individual seller. Some want to put a property on the market and go by the book, just like anybody else would with a traditional agent approach, a buyer’s agent and a seller’s agent who will manage the process, again, from the beginning to the end.

Other people might want a no-agent sale process or to pursue sale by owner options.

But in that case, the seller will need to provide for all of the legal work that goes on before and during settlement – inspecting the title, transferring the title, making sure that the buyer and seller are protected from various kinds of financial loss, etc.

Then there’s the home inspection, where someone has to go over the condition of each component of the property and verify a whole lot of things. All of this, as you can imagine, generates significant paperwork.

Comprehensive Sale Assistance

Sound Home Buyer in Olympia can help embattled sellers to complete everything that they need to do to benefit from a closed sale and a successful settlement.

We have agents on staff, but we also have other professionals. For example, we have clean-out crews and estate sale handlers for properties that are jam-packed with stuff that would otherwise be hard to get rid of. We have attorneys and financial planners for those situations where figuring out pricing and other logistics is not a straightforward process.

One example is when a building is not in good condition. How do you go forward valuing that property with all of its defects and flaws? What needs to be fixed and what can be smoothed over during a sale process?

All of that requires professional skill and acumen that’s beyond the power of the average seller themselves. You might say it takes the whole village to sell the manor house. But that’s less a feudal metaphor than a simple realization of the reality that real estate sales takes some significant work. Turn to Sound Home Buyer for everything that you need to get all the way to the end of the alphabet, and consider yourself done with the process.

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